system for
counteracting insurance

enhance investigation

Automate fraud detection adopting a turnkey solution that follows a structured and scientific approach. Single out more risky claims and spot connections that would have passed unnoticed using manual checks. A sophisticated scoring mechanism allows the investigator to concentrate on the most important cases.

reduce loss ratio

Improve investigation efficiency by identifying fraud prior to settlement and consequently drive profitability. The reduction in false positives saves time and resources whilst accelerating payment of legitimate claims. Analysing risks in a systematic and objective way also facilitates compliance with regulatory requirements and helps contain operational risk.

easy to use

Streamline existing processes allowing concentration on increased productivity. The ergonomic design of the investigation dashboard facilitates interaction, enabling all data to be seen at a glance, whilst keeping all details easily accessible. The user interface is designed to make case management straightforward and keep priorities under control.

better insight

Achieve a deeper understanding of the portfolio by shedding light on recurring associations and hidden relations among the various parties involved in a claim. Detector carries out a risk analysis that leverages deterministic and predictive metrics. This results in an overall score that aggregates several indicators and evaluates the level of risk, measuring the likelihood of fraud.

specialist excellence

Designed by experts who know how to make complicated things simple: a combination of experience and innovation. Right from the outset it is evident that Detector has been masterminded by people who understand the business inside out: MSA Multi Serass, handling claims for almost four decades, and Kube Partners, developing highly technological insurance software.

continuous improvement

Since 2014, Detector’s cutting-edge predictive engine has been learning from historical and new fraud data analysis, and is constantly under fine-tuning. The more claims examined, the sharper its focus becomes. The R&D team continues to enhance Detector’s intelligence by integrating the most reliable scoring techniques.